Dikshya Oli

DHL Division

Having a background in accounting and customer service, Dikshya has developed an incredible commercial awareness together with a proven ability to form strong customer relationships, two diverse traits that are absolutely essential for a real estate agent. Dikshya believes that “no transaction is merely a transaction”. Focused on turning transactions into relationships by nurturing her clients and business partners, providing unparalleled service and achieving unmatched results, Dikshya’s accomplishments have undoubtedly grown from strength to strength over time.

With a keen knowledge of not only the local property market but also the local people and culture, together with her rising expertise, Dikshya is poised to succeed. Communicating with genuine passion, honesty and reliability and keeping her clients informed every step of the way, Dikshya has ensured that a high degree of trust is built with her clients which are essential foundations to achieve outstanding results. Dikshya intimately understands that real estate transactions for most of us are some of the biggest decisions we can make in our lifetime. Whether dealing with a seasoned investor or a first-home buyer, Dikshya believes that every client and campaign is unique and ensures that every transaction is a positive experience that achieves that outcome that her clients desire.

Holding the belief that real estate is more about the people instead of property, Dikshya excels in interpersonal relations and believes that to be her key to success. Radiating positivity and confidence together with a business-like approach and having an expansive knowledge and exemplary track record, Dikshya is aligned to accomplish even further in this competitive market.