Dilum Dissanayake

DHL Division

Dilum is a highly experienced Chartered Accountant with more than 17 years of experience in various leading large national and multinational firms. She is skilled at business management and strategy as well as developing and analysing financial information critical in ensuring that our company makes well-informed decisions that lead to future stability, enhanced growth and sustained profitability.  Throughout her illustrious career, she has played an integral role in our company, in maintaining valued business relationships, maximising our profit margins, improving business productivity and performance, future-proofing our business by identifying areas of threats and opportunities. Her innovative strategic analysis has played an immense role in many of the critical decisions made in our company.

Apart from being a whiz at numbers, Dilum is skilled at communicating and connecting with her business partners and networks who are integral to our business. Her personable and persuasive manner has not only won her much recognition, but also achieved many profitable opportunities for our business.

Confident, sharp and dynamic, Dilum is a trusted advisor of our firm and few issues can get away without Dilum’s scrutiny. The constant strive towards increased efficiency is at the core of Dilum’s role with us and she is a master at what she does. Dilum’s contribution is invaluable and her intelligence coupled with her reliability and conscientiousness is one of the biggest reasons why we are able to maintain our constant growth and performance. Dilum is a pleasure to work with and her professionalism, dedication and people skills are highly valued and cherished by her colleagues.